NIE task 13 – epilogue

So this is the end of NIE course. I can say, that for me it has been quite a journey in understanding activity and theory around it.

In task 5 we had to create a framework to describe human activities. I guess in retrospect I can say, that I was quite off, when I created it. For me the only common thing about activities, was time. I said: “All human activities have a common resource – time.” Obviously I had not even thought about such factors, as objects, actors, tools, mediums and so on.

So I guess, that If I had to do it now, there would be more things, to consider.

I must admit, that I’m not 100% sure, that Activity Theory is the best way to describe human activities, but I probably can’t think of any thing better either. I must admit, that describing something so complex, as human activities are, is not an easy task, but now I have a better understanding about the theory behind it.


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